How To Advance Schedule Posts On Facebook & Twitter In 2015

Using social media like Facebook and Twitter is a powerful way to get extra traffic and create a viral buzz around your content. But it can also be fiddly and time consuming posting at the ideal times so you get the maximum viral effect and the maximum traffic from these platforms. So I want to share an article with you that will help you How To Advance Schedule Posts On Facebook & Twitter Completely Free So they go out automatically.  

How To Advance Schedule Posts On Facebook & Twitter In 2015 And Beyond !

Posting On Facebook & Twitter…

Posting on a regular schedule on Facebook and Twitter can create a huge boost in traffic and the viral effect of any content you create.

Ideally you want to get those posts going out at consistent times during the week and at the best times.

In this post, I’ll give you some insights on the best times to make Facebook posts and Tweets and the methods you can use to schedule those posts to go out automatically at the times you choose.

With both of these completely free methods you can create and schedule 1, 3, 5, 50 or more posts way ahead allowing you to get a lot of posting work done quickly so you can then move on to other tasks…

You could also outsource setting up these posts.

The Best Times To Post On Facebook…

Before I explain how to schedule posts so they go out automatically on Facebook let me explain why it’s so important to schedule posts at ideal times of the day and of the week.

Facebook has what’s called an “Edge rank” algorithm which it uses to determine how many of your fans see a post you make.

If a lot of fans react to your post quickly it’s far more likely that Facebook will show that post to a much higher percentage of the people who’ve liked your Facebook page.

So you want to set your posts to go out at an ideal time (based on the time zone of your biggest audience) to get the most likes or clicks.

The ideal times to post for maximum engagement vary depending on the niche, area or industry you’re in but the following statistics will help you to get an idea of what’s likely to work based on the bigger picture of the behaviour of the majority of Facebook users:

Engagement on Facebook is higher during regular work week hours.

  • Engagement peaks on Thursday and Friday.
  • Engagement is highest on Facebook on Friday.
  • Most Facebook activity is between 9am and 7pm in the Facebook user’s time zone.
  • Posting around 1pm of the time zone of the majority of your audience is likely to get you the most shares.
  • Posting around 3pm of the time zone of the majority of your audience is likely to get you the most clicks.
  • If you were only going to post once a week based on statistics the best time would likely be between 1pm and 3pm on a Friday afternoon in the time zone of your biggest audience.
  • The more often you post quality content at times when your best audience is active the more traffic you’re likely to get.

Discover When Your Facebook Fans Are Responding…

You can see what times and what posts your Facebook fans are responding to using the Facebook statistics for your own Facebook page…

How To Advance Schedule Posts On Facebook & Twitter In 2015

You’ll get statistics on the engagement and reach of each of your Facebook posts. This is not always the best way to choose times to post but it does give you some valuable feedback on when your Facebook fans are more likely to respond to your posts.

In some cases you’ll see posts that got a huge response in comparison to others. Those are usually worth paying some attention to.

How To Schedule Your Facebook Posts In Advance…

You can set up days or weeks of Facebook posts for a Facebook page to go out in advance at exactly the time you want.

Here’s how to do it.

Go to your Facebook Page and make a post then instead of clicking on “post” click on the drop down arrow next to the “Post” button…

auto schedule facebook posts

Then you can schedule your post to go out any time and any day you choose.

When you’re scheduling your Facebook posts be aware of the time zones and schedule your posts for the ideal time in the time zone of your best audience.

The Best Times To Tweet On Twitter…

The Twitter statistics are different to Facebook as you’d probably expect because many of the users are different.

Here are some statistics you may find helpful:

  • If your product or brand is business to business then then Twitter engagement is higher on weekdays…Monday to Friday.
  • If your product or brand is business to consumer then Twitter engagement is higher on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Weekends are especially high.
  • Twitter users are more likely to be using Twitter when they’re commuting, at work or at school.
  • The highest click through rates on Twitter are at 12pm and 6pm in the time zone of the user.
  • The highest number of retweets on Twitter are at 5pm in the time zone of the user.

How To Schedule Posts On Twitter Free…

Using Twitter’s regular user interface you can’t schedule posts in advance which is why most people use a paid 3rd party software to get the job done.

But there is a free way of doing it that doesn’t cost anything. First create an advertising account at…

advertising on twitter

You need to give your credit card details to open an advertising account but you won’t be charged for anything to set up your account. You only get charged if you run an ad on Twitter.

Then login to your ad account again at

And click on the Twitter Tweet icon in the top right hand corner of the page (it’s the same tweet icon as is on the regular Twitter platform)…

You’ll go to a page where you can make a tweet and just below that you’ll see a

“Scheduling” tab…

schedule facebook posts advance

Use the scheduling tab to choose the day and date you want to post on.

You may want to tweet several times a day and by using this method you can set up all your Tweets at once for a week or even a month or longer in advance.

When you’re scheduling your tweets be aware of the time zones and schedule your tweets for the ideal time in the time zone of your best audience.

Create An Overall Plan…

Many people starting out online try to build a business with just a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

If you want a real onilne business that makes you income you really need to create your own website and your own email list.

Then you can drive traffic to your website from traffic channels like Facebook and Twitter and get them on to your email list.

That allows you to break out of the cycle where you’re always scrambling to get traffic because once you’ve built an email list you have traffic on demand just by sending an email to your list.

You really want your focus on getting traffic to your website and building a relationship with a loyal list of email subscribers…

pre schedule facebook posts

You can use channels like Facebook to get traffic, increase engagement and to get your email subscribers to share your new content.

But always stay focused on building that email list and website that you have control over.

A Simple Plan…

Here’s a simple plan so you can see how you might combine these different channels.

  • Create new quality content for your website once a week.
  • Make sure you have a compelling email optin on the page of your website where you put the content. In your content you might also talk about the value of being on your email list.
  • Have Facebook share and Tweet buttons on your content page too.
  • Create a “teaser” post for Facebook with a link back to the new content on your website. You might find a compelling image and put a headline on it that entices people to check out the content on your site.
  • Create two shorter versions of this teaser post to use as a Tweet on Twitter.
  • After you’ve put your content on your website (or blog) set up your teaser post to go out on Facebook between 1pm and 3pm on a Friday afternoon in the time zone of your biggest audience.
  • Set your teaser Tweets to go out on 12pm Wednesday and 5pm Saturday in the time zone of your biggest audience.
  • You can adapt your Facebook teaser post into an email you can send to your email list notifying them of your new content.

You can ramp up a simple plan like this to the point where you’re making multiple Facebook posts and tweets a day and putting quality content on your website several times a week.

The most important thing is to be consistent. If you’re consistently creating content and posting about it on social media and building your email list then over time you’ll gradually build a substantial business.

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