Instant Product Engine Review – Is This Product Creator’s Version 2.0 Better ?

Eric Holmlund

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On November 18, 2017
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Instant Product Engine 2.0 Review

Hi guys, I just had a look at Instant Product Engine 2.0. In my Instant Product Engine Review , I really love what this special software does.

Instant Product Engine Review : What is It ?

Instant Product Engine is a platform from which you can brand and produce high quality PLR eBooks/PDFs to use as part of your Internet marketing campaigns to draw in leads and sales.

Each product has within it a well written PDF (which is the main product) but also sales pages, lead capture pages and a clever editor which allows you to easily edit the products header templates.

The purpose of these products is to brand them with your name and website brand so it becomes tailored to your customers and then sell it on as part of your business.

There are also worksheets, checklists and progress maps which your clients can use when they read the PDFs to help them make better use on the information inside.

You also have the option to integrate these products on a whole website to make the whole package as streamlined and high converting as possible. The idea being to take the hassle out of traditional PLR promotions which is tedious and requires a lot of technical knowledge.

Instant Product Engine Review : Key Features ?

The front cover header is easily edited and you have complete freedom to change the wording, images, etc, to make it tailored to your needs. You can even download the source files and change them in any way you want, which is very good for someone who wants to tweak them even further.

For each individual product you get a whole host of added features such as squeeze pages, confirmation success page and beautiful CTA design which really captures the customers attention.

All the templates for the related pages are stunning and I can see that all these templates would be incredibly valuable in the right hands. You could edit them to suit your needs and send them out to your subscribers and followers.

After reading through the content within the main PDF products I can see that they are informative and helpful. I wouldn’t go as far as to say amazing but they certainly give reasonable value to the reader. I would, personally, never dream of charging anyone for one of these product as the sales video suggests but that’s just my own preference.

Instant Product Engine Review : Watch Demo !

Instant Product Engine Oto / Upsell Review

The product is part of a sales funnel which includes up to 4 other products.

What I Liked About The Upgrade Option

The control center itself allow you to edit all the PDFs and sales pages, related to the products, with a very cool editing software – much like in WordPress.

You are able to edit everything, add videos, images, change buttons, testimonials, add new pages and all kinds of very cool features. Basically you can completely transform all the products easily without any HTML coding. This a helpful feature which I really like and I think the templates for all the pages are wonderful and look very conversion ready!

Sales flow feature: This feature is very clever. You can change the connection/links between the different squeeze pages by dragging and dropping pages to create a different sales flow. So, you can move the sales page to go before the squeeze page, for example.

Basically means you can chop and change your exit offers, up-sells, down-sales and anything you want to find that perfect combination that converts the best. This is a very clever part of the software, I must admit. I have never seen that before.

Instant Product Engine Alternatives

You can refer to some other good product creation system such as: Instant Product Lab, …

Instant Product Engine Review In Conclusion

In a nutshell, Instant Product Engine 2.0 would be awesome for someone who has an existing website or traffic stream and they are looking for quick an easy branding for their eBooks. Someone in the know will easily make money using these beautiful and easily customization products to suit whatever strategy they use to convert leads into sales.

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Instant Product Engine 2.0 Review