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10 Social Media Branding Tactics Every Business Should Follow !

Instant Social Branding Review

Social media can be used for different purposes. Whether it is social selling, content marketing and customer support, social media offers you the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and build your brand. However, with so many different platforms are available and fierce competition on all of them, it can be difficult to differentiate your brand and carve out your place on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
Is your brand the way you want it represented in social media? If the answer is no, follow these 10 social media branding strategies to strengthen your results:
1. Choose the right Networks
If you do not have control over some of the social media platforms you’re here you do not win, it is not entirely your fault. With hundreds of social media apps out there, and new popping up every day, it is tempting to jump into any of them. However, each social network will not be the right fit for your business. Your job is to find the networks that fit the image of your brand. Otherwise you will struggle to make progress.
For example, if your company is a steel producer, Tumblr is probably not the best option for you. Tumblr primary demographic is teenagers and people in their early twenties. A better option would be LinkedIn because it’s a B2B network that attracts entrepreneurs. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
If you target’re struggling to figure out which social networks are most active, take a look at this social media demographics to get the perfect starting point.
2. Remember Visual Branding
Visuals play an important role in the social media branding. If each of your profiles looks like she owned another company, it creates a disconnect for your users. You want your branding consistent across all channels. This will help people instantly recognize your business, no matter which site or app they are using. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
A company that does this is very good Coca-Cola. If you look at the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, you’ll notice the consistency in color and design:
Coca Cola Facebook

Coca Cola Instagram

Coca Cola Twitter

Here are some tips to take away from the use of visual branding on social media Coca-Cola:
Choose a color palette: Coca-Cola uses a classic red and white colors in all social media channels. It does not just stop at the logo. If you look at the items of the shares of the company, you will rarely visuals that the color red does not contain. The easiest way to develop your color palette, is take a look at to take your logo. You want to reach a point where the people who associate with your brand colors. Keep in mind that different colors can affect the way people perceive your brand. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
Use the same logo / avatar: You must use the same avatar for each social network. The easiest option is to have your logo or a symbol that represents your company use. People need to see your avatar and immediately associate with your brand.
Filter careful: When you share photos on Instagram or other visual channel, keep your filters consistent. Whether that means using no filters at all or Mayfair, pick one or two and stick to it. Using a different filter for each image to share you make your messages look disorganized and inconsistent.
Create templates: If you’re a team handling your social media marketing efforts, it may be helpful to you to share templates for images to social media. That way, your fonts, colors and designs will always be consistent. You can do this using Photoshop or use a visual tool such as Canvas. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
3. Develop Your Voice
the personality of your brand should be reflected in your social media messages. That means developing a social media voice. This is the way your brand communicates tweets, Facebook posts and Snaps. Finding your voice can take some time, but you will eventually settle in. To find your social media voice, these three main elements:
1. Your company: What is the culture like in your company? Your culture is what you stand for, what your business is about and what makes you special. For example, Under Armour culture is all about performing at the highest level and innovative. Using hashtags like #IWILL social media messages shows that the company’s social media voice is a direct reflection of the culture. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
2. audience: Speaking in a way that fits your target group is very important. These may include the use of certain lingo and references that are popular with your target audience. Taco Bell is constantly in line with what is popular with the public (a younger demographic) and crafts adjusts its social media messages to that voice.
Taco Bell Instagram Preview
3. Authenticity: What developing your social media voice to, make sure it is authentic to your brand. Trying to sound a certain way just to fit in can backfire. Taco Bell’s messages resonate with the public because the company has been consistent and it feels authentic. If you look at the Huggies Twitter account, you’ll have plenty Tweets that key directly at the business demographics, which speak to find mothers. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
4. Be consistent with your Topics
Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are very good for curator content from around the web. Curating is a great way to help build your authority in your industry, as well as ensuring a steady stream of social media messages that are not self-promotion. Finding blog posts, videos and other content to share with your audience sounds simple enough. However, many companies are going to share in blindly without any kind of guidance on what topics.
This allows you to Twitter timeline be filled with any combination of Tweets five or six completely different topics. Avoid this mistake by streamlining your efforts.
Choose a few topics that are closely related to your industry. For example, the popular career site Tweets articles about employee satisfaction, career and workplace culture. All of these are directly related to the brand. If Monster started adding Tweets about investing and personal finance, it would not seem in place. But by focusing on the key areas of expertise, Monster’s brand has become a go-to keep in mind the interests of the people in the career related content on Twitter. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
5. Replace Regular
Nothing will kill social media branding efforts over irregular items. If you only once every few days or uploads are a new Instagram photo Tweeting per month, you’re going to forget. Shortened attention spans combined with fast-growing social networking publish more important than ever.
How often will depend on your mail from your audience. It will take some trial and error to find out what works best for your brand. One of the best ways to determine how often you need places to use Sprout Social social media publishing and analytics tools. The publishing tools you can get your messages to be sent when your followers are most active. The analysis programs allow you to measure which messages are getting the most engagement. You may find that your tweets will get more involvement on the days that you post 10 times instead of five. Always trace and check your social media efforts. Read review of My Instant Social Branding To Find Out More !
6. Connect With Influencers
If companies like Nike and Starbucks places a new image on Instagram, they get a lot of commitment. That is because with millions of followers both established brands. If you’re just starting out or do not have a large audience, your content will not get as much attention because you are relatively unknown.
A good way to achieve faster results to your social media branding efforts and strengthen is to build relationships with influencers. Influencer marketing allows you to piggyback off the audience that people have adopted built in your industry. Because the influencer has already earned the trust and respect of their audience, getting a co-sign or mention of them carries a lot of weight. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
Keep in mind that just a lot of followers not someone qualifies as an influencer. They must also possess these characteristics:
Read review of My Instant Social Branding To Find Out More !
Do not go into your social marketing and branding efforts alone. Start building relationships immediately.
7. Do not Waste Your Bio / Profile
Far too many brands to make the mistake of going to their bio or profile section to waste on social media. When you get in the process of building your brand, people know who you are and what your business is vital. Brands like Nike can #justdoit in their profile because they are a reputable company that knows almost everyone. Most companies do not have that luxury.
Do you not fill profile with random hashtags or motivational quotes. Treat your bio as an elevator pitch. If you had to describe what your company does in a sentence or two at the most, what would it be? Here are a few examples of companies that effectively use their bio departments.
Read review of My Instant Social Branding To Find Out More !
Pinterest clearly describes what the network is being used for and lists some of the most popular categories to give users an idea of the kind of content people share on the site.
office shoes twitter bio sample
Office Shoes uses the sale of such words as “leading” and “greatest” to convey that it is the best in the industry.
sprout social twitter bio sample
Sprout Social Sprout profile defines what is, who it works for and even lead generation as a tool by offering a free trial.
Take the time to go back and look over your profiles and bios on all your social media channels. Are you best use them for your brand? Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
8. Promote your profiles
A challenge that many companies have with social media branding is to build the first traction. Getting your first few followers can seem impossible if you do not even know where to start. However, if you have been in business for a while or other Web properties (website, blog or other social media accounts), you have to start there. Unless your current clients, friends and family that you Snapchat or Periscope telling account, how will they know?
This may seem a touch obvious, but many companies are taking a passive approach to social media branding and waiting to happen for the results. It just does not work that way. Promote your social media profiles whenever and wherever possible. Print it on your flyers and brochures, link to them from your website and cross-promotion on your other social media channels. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
9. Engage, Engage, Engage
If the only time you post on social media to share content, it’s like having a conversation with yourself. As we alluded to earlier, in the early stages, your brand is unknown. You can start building awareness for your brand on social media to engage and interact with other users. It is as simple as answering tweets and comments on Facebook and Instagram posts. Read review of My Instant Social Branding To Find Out More !
Some companies feel weird about answering a business account. Do not worry, it’s perfectly acceptable for companies to respond to each other on social media. In 2013, Burger King Twitter account was hacked and the people half-jokingly accused McDonald’s. The fast food chain was quick to let Burger King know that’s had nothing to hack. And then the MTV Pop Twitter account responded to the McDonald’s Tweet.
Read review of My Instant Social Branding To Find Out More !
The lesson here is that you are not afraid to communicate with other companies on social media should be, even if they are your competitors. It will put you as theirs on the radar of their audience. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
10. Claim Your Name
Trying to operate on eight or nine social media sites is not a good idea unless you have a social media team working full time for you. It is best to choose two or three platforms to focus on, you can expand as you start to grow. However, just because you only have to operate in a few does not mean you can not set others’ profiles.
By claiming your business name on the major social media platforms, you’re securing them in case you ever decide to use them. This is also beneficial for SEO. When people Google your company name, there is a good chance that some of the results on the first page will be on sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. If someone else has claimed the Twitter handle for the name of your company and is actively used, it is your audience in confusion when the link appears on Google.
You can use KnowEm to do a search for your company name across the popular social networks and see if the username is available.
Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !
On a similar note, keep your usernames consistent. You can walk into a situation where your company name is taken on a social network. If that happens, you make a move you on another social network, none of your business name to use available. Having a different user name on each networking platform creates inconsistency that your branding hurts. Easy to lay, social media management is not a chore for you and your marketing team.
Pulling it All Together
As social media marketers, it’s easy to focus on the content you share and grow your number of followers. But take a second to think about the relationship between social media and your brand first. Prioritize social media branding will help you connect with your audience, more strategic with your efforts and better results. Read My Instant Social Branding Review To Find Out More !

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