Pullii Review * 100% Free Traffic For You

Today I’m writing a review of the new Pullii traffic training course.

Pullii is an interesting product name. While its clever because its about ‘pulling’ traffic, its also one that gives you no real idea what it is. That is you can’t deduce what the product / training does just by the name of it. Well in a nutshell Pulli is a video training that teaches people how to get free traffic with Pinterest.

Ill be honest, up until a bit ago I always thought of Pinterest as some kind of weird site where people posted info graphics and random pictures to. Sure I knew it had over 100+ million active users but I never really thought it could be much of anything for marketing. The trouble I had was I did not understand what Pinterest really is. Its not a place to post random pictures like I thought. Its actually a ‘content discovery platform’.

So what exactly is a ‘content discovery platform’? Well basically its a platform where people share content (in this case websites) that they enjoy so other people can discover them. Its kind of like a search engine of sorts, only instead of a computer program crawling all over the internet, indexing everything it finds, and trying to decide what is good and what is not, its people sharing content that they like. Its a repository of hand picked pages made by real people suggesting the page to other people.

But what about the whole graphic part? Well the graphics in Pinterest are clickable and are just a quick visual representation of the site they are linking to. That’s where it gets its name, people ‘pin their interests’ on a ‘board’ so other people with similar interests can click them and discover the website / content that the person who made the pin did.

Once you realize that the point of Pinterest is to share content it does not take much to understand that you can get traffic from it. But the question is can the vendors of Pullii get traffic from it and can they teach you how to do it? Well I know 100% for sure that they can. If you watch the video above you can see one of them logging into his Google Analytics account live and showing me. I have actually seen more stats and proof than that as well off camera.

Pulli is a video training that teaches people how to utilize Pinterest to get free traffic made by people who actually use Pinterest to get free traffic. Well this one is a no brainer:

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