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On August 2, 2016
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Review Of Social CPA Avalanche

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Free Bonus Tip: 24 Traffic Sources For CPA Affiliate Offers

So, you have finally to promote a wide range, you have already set up a killer landing page, and maybe even a top-notch sales funnel. You’ve done everything by the book and you even did some amazing things that nobody has ever done before. So it’s time for traffic … Check Out My Social Cpa Avalanche Review Above To Find Out More !

In the selection of the traffic sources as a CPA affiliate marketer, it is important to ensure that the offer or advertiser accepts that type of traffic. If you look at the offer data into your CPA network it tells you that certain types of traffic that are allowed. For example, Search, Social Media, Banner, contextual, Mobile or e etc …

Thousands of affiliates every day struggle with this important ingredient for a successful online marketing – to make finding “targeted traffic in large numbers” which CPA networks and advertisers happy, so everyone gets paid at the end.

In CPA affiliate marketing from the one thing that separates the truly great players of the package is the ability to send high quality targeted traffic to any CPA offer. If you need some ideas here for traffic sources based on category is a great starting point. Check Out My Social Cpa Avalanche Review Above To Find Out More !


# 1 Online Ads – PPC search and content network traffic – affiliate friendly and can be very affordable to as low as $ 25 to start.

# 2. 7Search – 7 search search traffic promotions. For most keywords, the minimum bid 7Search is $ 0.01 (one cent). There are a number of keywords, however, which have specific minimum bid.

# 3. Google Adwords – Not very friendly to affiliates when it comes to direct promotion, but if you are nice sites and lead capture can funnels it can work with sales.


# 4. Mobclix – A large mobile ad exchange for your apps. Has a higher eCPM and ad networks.

Mojiva # 5 – This is another mobile ad network for you to create a mobile ad, create keyword lists, target groups, and the launch of a mobile ad campaign.

# 6 City Buzz – Buzz City is a global advertising network to consumers around the world to focus on mobile phones and devices.

# 7. Rhythm New Media – Rhythm media targets mobile audience and for publishers to monetize their mobile apps and websites.

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Social media

# 8. Facebook PPC ads – Works well with many niches. Very strict in Dating, Weight Loss, and gambling but sometimes approvals quickly. The targeting options on Facebook are like no other – you can focus on just about everything in Facebook.

# 9. Plenty of Fish – Enables highly granular targeting and works well not only dating in many niches. Many people to smokers, non-smokers, overweight, or married to target. There are plenty of options available for testing.

# 10. Netlog – Provides a global reach and has about 97 million members.

# 11. LinkedIn Ads – You can focus on job function, and global location mainly. Pretty good for a large number of niches, including lead generation in business and finance.

# 12. You Tube – Aside from the hundreds of ways to get free video traffic, you can also buy advertising to generate on you tube. Check Out My Social Cpa Avalanche Review Above To Find Out More !


# 13. Buy Sell Ads – this is a pretty popular place for people who are new to buying banner space. It uses a network type atmosphere for Webmasters connect with advertisers. You can target specific ad spots and websites.

# 14. Site Scout – This is a real-time bidding platform. You can add banners and target large sites in various niches. $ 500 minimum to start.

# 15 Banner Garage – Like buy sell ads, this is a platform for buying or selling banner space online. Well to start off, but you can probably cheaper traffic if you end up directly to the sites.

# 16. Wam – Wam media group is a good place if you have experience and a decent budget.

# 17. Direct Media Buys – You can buy banners on websites of other people. For more information about this method, check out my other blog post – Get Massive Traffic of Small Media Buys – Complete Step by Step Guide. Check Out My Social Cpa Avalanche Review Above To Find Out More !


If you do not have your own email list that you can buy solo ads.

# 18. Fiver Solo Ads – If you do not have a list and you want to explore the creation of solo ads Fiverr is a good place to practice, but the traffic quality can be devastating. Sometimes, however, you can find a decent solo ads. This is for practice only and not a big money-maker on the basis of time spent in my opinion. But if you have a very small budget you can start here.

# 19. Solo Ads Warrior Forum – Sometimes you can get a good solo ads on the warrior forum, especially in the JV section or classified ads section on the forum. Just do a search and you’ll find some people who buy solo ads. Make sure you are around for reviews and try a quality test first if you can.

# 20. Solo Ad Online Directories – you can search around for a solo ad directories and reviews and find hundreds of places to get solo ads. Check Out My Social Cpa Avalanche Review Above To Find Out More !


# 21. Traffic Vance – often referred to as the best PPV traffic source by many relationships. I’ve had some good experience with them. They require $ 1,000 minimum and referrals to apply.

# 22. Lead Impact – easier to work and approved, and requires only $ 100 to start.

# 23. Media Traffic – Another great resource and it requires about $ 250 to get started.

# 24. Clicksor – I’ve never used this source of traffic, but I hear some good things, so I thought I would add it to the list.

Well hopefully this brief overview will give some great ideas for traffic sources and help you get started in each category traffic. Check Out My Social Cpa Avalanche Review Above To Find Out More !

I have another list also available, but it is much longer. The list was given to me from someone else, and circulates around the internet. The only problem with having a very long list of traffic sources is that it can be a hinderance for some people, because it is too large. With too many choices to choose from often leads to confusion and a lack of focus. It’s like trying to get the perfect chocolate bar to eat as there are hundreds of options to choose from … 🙂

My advice is to choose a category for the first time as “ppc, social media, or banners” then focus on individual traffic sources within each category and get good at some of these. For upscale simply use more individual sources within that category. This will result in a more focused approach to the CPA affiliate marketing and ultimately increased profits. Check Out My Social Cpa Avalanche Review Above To Find Out More !

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Review Of Social CPA Avalanche