VidProtect Review And My Exclusive Bonuses

Vidprotect Review And Bonus * Please Read My Reviews About VidProtect To Find Out The Truth About It ! Don’t Forget To Check My Exclusive Bonuses If You Want To Claim Them !

VidProtect Review * My Exclusive Bonuses

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Just 3 Easy Steps to Claim Bonus:

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1. Purchase VidProtect through any link on this page or HERE

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Your Turn

I definitely believe anyone that creates videos online should be encrypting and protecting their videos with a tool like VidProtect. Who likes the idea of someone else taking YOUR videos and profiting from them while you get nothing out of it? It’s ridiculously easy to download any video from a website. These days if you can’t extract the video from the website’s source code, you can download a simple browser extension that will capture every video for you. But VidProtect prevents people from being able to steal your content like this. This ensures you will be the only beneficiary of your hard work and it will also preserve the uniqueness and value of your videos. Also, VidProtect offers a money back guarantee, so the vendor will issue a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Last but not least, do not forget to claim your FREE Bonuses if you purchase through any links on this review page.


VidProtect Review * What is VidProtect?

VidProtect is another cloud based innovation that ensures your videos against substance hoodlums and programmers. The application encodes your video URL or insert/iframe code, henceforth robots or people can’t rub or take your videos. Far superior, it includes any sidetrack URL you need to the encoded code. What happens when somebody duplicates your (encoded) video code? All things considered, each guest (going by the page with the replicated scrambled code) will be naturally send to your URL. As opposed to stressing over stolen content, you’ll be happy somebody did, in light of the fact that now you get additional free movement!

Why would it be a good idea for you to purchase VidProtect?

Since VidProtect is a wonderful new device to secure your videos (standard form) and other substance (Ace adaptation) from cheats and programmers. It’s super simple to utilize. With only a single tick you can change over your standard video URL or (insert/iframe/HTML) code into encoded code. Taken after by simply a duplicate and glue (overwrite) activity to “completely” ensure your substance. What’s more, the best part, for those burglaries that still duplicate your videos/content, their guests will be diverted to your preset URL.

Upsell or OTO?

The principal upsell is the likelihood to get the Master Permit ($67.00). For the additional highlights you get with the Expert rendition, read my content above. (Note you first need to purchase the front-deciding item before you can purchase the Expert form as upsell). The second upsell is the chance to purchase the VidProtect Venture rendition ($97.00). This permits you to consistently make Professional sub-represents various uses and you get the privilege to offer (Master) licenses yourself and keep 100% of the benefit! Super apparatus to offer to nearby customers.

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